year of foundation

TECUM Industrieprodukte GmbH was established on 01.04.1993. From the very start, the main focus of our activities has been on the development of user- and environmentally friendly products for industry, retail and trade.


After the acquisition of our first production location in Grevenbroich, the TECUM product range amounted to around 100 products. Due to the continually changing requirements of the market and individual adaptations on the basis of our customers’ wishes, our product range quickly grew to total more than 300 products.


The increased requirement for personnel and space that was associated with our expansion made moving into a bigger production and office building necessary.


This resulted in the construction of the current company buildings in Bedburg, which we occupied on 01.01.1999.

Today, TECUM customers are able to access over 400 products and services.

You are also able to receive professional support from our customer services and field sales teams, with over 30 employees.

The regular training and further education of all of our employees guarantees competent and professional cooperation with our customers.

The exceptional care taken during the selection of the raw materials that we use guarantees a consistently high level of product quality.

Our use of the latest production procedures facilitates rapid responses to the ever changing legal requirements.

TECUM – Technik Chemie Umwelt [Technology, Chemicals, Environment]… The term ‘systematic solutions’ doesn’t just represent the philosophy of our employees, it also means the responsible use of our resources.

As many chemicals as necessary, and not as many chemicals as possible!!!

The company name is also meant to reflect the approach of all of the people in the company TECUM, in terms of both themselves and each of our individual customers.

When translated from the Latin, tecum also means: ‘with you’

A company doesn’t belong to anyone. It is the product of the work and the motivation of the employees.
Dieter Deuster, Co-founder and first Managing Director of TECUM, 1993 – 2007