Bactericide and fungicide for water-bearing systems
chlorine-free, highly effective, environmentally friendly

Bacteria, algae, yeast and fungal spores enter water bearing systems at open points via the air. If they multiply too much, these microorganisms can lead to the development of serious fault in the system. The loss of pressure, the reduction of the cooling performance, blockages, corrosions or unpleasant smells may all occur as a result.

Oxydes safely destroys bacteria, algae, yeast and fungal spores and effectively prevents the further development of the microorganisms.

Oxydes is used as a basic disinfectant in cooling circuits, heating circuits, air washers, wet scrubbers in painting systems, air conditioning systems, wells, fountains, etc.

Your advantage / your benefits

  • Strongly disinfecting
  • Chlorine and formaldehyde free
  • Highly concentrated
  • Extends the lifespans
  • Works over long periods
  • Prevents expensive downtimes

How to use

Diluted in water 5 – 10 %, as a rinse solution, recirculate for 2-4 hours in the machine and/or in the system.
Afterwards, discharge the rinse solution and refill the system with a product from the HYDROTEC range.

Please consult our technical service for information about the selection of additional additive products for water bearing systems.

Available in the following packaging

6121 Canister of 30 kg