Floor repair kit for coating and correction of surface irregularities and holes.

Suitable for screed, concrete, sandstone and mineral substrates.


  • 10 l tub
  • 1 kg Tecupox, colourless
  • 1.15 kg Tecupox-Color, similar to RAL 7023 (concrete grey)
  • 3 kg quartz sand
  • 1 can Unipox thinner (900 ml)
  • 1 stirrer
  • 1 brush
  • 1 trowel
  • 1 pair of glove

Your advantage / your benefits

  • Easy to apply
  • All from one source
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Increases resilience
  • Reduces abrasion/dust
  • Saves costs

How to use

  1. Remove loose material debris from surfaces to be treated.
  2. Apply Liquisorb to the surface and brush off after drying.
  3. Mix Tecupox (pour all hardener contents into the resin), stir well and apply. Please note: Application time after mixing is 40 minutes maximum. Waiting time before subsequent coatings is 1-3 hours. Tecupox should still be slightly adhesive.
  4. Mix Tecupox-Color (pour all hardener contents into the resin) and stir well. Pour all contents into the 10 l tub and mix with the quartz sand to produce a mortar-like substance. Add approx. 100-200 ml Unipox thinner for easier application. Please note: Application time after mixing is 40 minutes maximum. Fill in the hole using the mortar and let it harden over approx. 24 hours (complete hardening approx. 30 hours at 20° C). Done.

Example Video

Available in the following packaging

12166 1 kit (also available in large containers)