High performance lubricant with ZONYL®
(DU PONT PTFE-solid lubricant) for systems, equipment and machines
chlorine-free, petroleum-free, barium-free

ZONYL® lubriates surfaces at the microscopic level. Special synthetic polymers, corrosion protection additives and high pressure additives facilitate the best lubrication attributes under the most extreme conditions. The original viscosity remains in place over a wide temperature range. Special adhesive additives and a water repellent characteristic prevent washing away through e.g. splash water/washing water. The lifespan is increased and lubrication intervals can be considerably extended. 

The lubrication film is stable to aging and resistant to high temperatures (Peak temperature: +200° C) and does not resinify.

Syntec-DP is used for lubrication in splashing water areas in slaughter houses, in food processing operations, in hydraulic engineering on locks and chains, in industrial cleaning systems, on conveyor chains and feed mechanisms in car washes and in water treatment systems.

Your advantage / your benefits

  • water repellent
  • petroleum free
  • micro-smoothing
  • reduces errors
  • does not drip
  • reduces wear and tear

Technical data

Type KPFHC 0 P-40 pursuant to DIN 51 502
NLGI-Class 0
Thickener aluminum complex
Dripping point >230°C
Peak temperature +200°C
Temperature resistance -40° C bis +160°C
Cone penetration 360

Available in the following packaging

1136 200 ml pressure dispenser with adapter and brush