Development is an investment in the future.

Sometimes the world of chemicals is a bit like everyday life:
the first product is ‘too small’, the second product is ‘too big’ and the third product is ‘too wide’.
That’s why we develop an attractive solution to every individual problem, taking cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness and environmental aspects into consideration.

If you aren’t able to find the right product for your particular requirements in our standard product range then our Chemicals Experts will be pleased to develop a suitable product – as long, of course, as your problem can be solved using chemical means.

Request your personal non-binding offer.

We will be pleased to visit you on location in order to discuss a ‘solution’ with you. We are also able to accept samples which we can test in our laboratory.

If you’re a wholesaler or a reseller, we will be pleased to be able to provide you with an offer for a production-to-order contract and/or a production contract under your own brand label.

The most important thing, however: asking us costs nothing.

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