Lubricants and oils

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You won’t find “normal” lubricants or oils here. This section lists special lubricants which are manufactured with selected raw materials.

  • LIFETEC – Synthetic lubricant for food handling and processing operations
  • SYNTEC – Synthetic high performance lubricant with water-repellent attribute
  • SYNTEC-DP – High performance lubricant with ZONYL®
  • TECULUB-DP – High performance lubricant with ZONYL®, for cables, chains and open lubrication points
  • TECUT-1000 – Low viscosity cutting oil
  • TECUT-1500 – Medium viscosity cutting oil
  • TECUT-2000 – Medium viscosity high performance cutting oil for heavy-weight metal processing
  • TECUT-S – Evaporating cutting oil for machining
  • UNISPRINT – Universal penetrating oil with corrosion protection additives and dewatering fluid
  • VARIOTEC – Petroleum lubricant with extremely high pressure and long-term lubrication attributes
  • VARIOTEC-FLUID – Liquid petroleum lubricant suspension