Special cleaner based on natural raw materials

Special natural raw materials quickly and effortlessly remove oils, greases, dirt, dust, scriber paints, graffiti, wax crayon, adhesive residues etc.

Cleanorange is used to clean tools, small parts, traffic signs, plant systems, machines etc.

Cleanorange does not corrode metals, paints, glass or ceramics.

Your advantage / your benefits

  • Active agent optimised
  • Highly concentrated
  • Universally usable
  • Takes effect quickly
  • Prevents downtimes
  • Improves safety

How to use

Spray the surface to be treated, leave to take effect for a short while then wipe off using a clean cloth.

Please note

Before using on plastics and rubber, first check resistance of material on a small area concealed from direct line of sight.

Available in the following packaging

Art.-Nr. Information
1201 Canister of 30 liters or 60 liters
Barrel of 190 liters
11141 600 ml aerosol can