Partly synthetic cooling lubricant concentrate for wide-ranging use
chlorine, nitrite, sulphur, phosphorous and diethanolamine-free

Specially selected EP-additives combined with high quality petroleum oil facilitate heavy-duty cutting procedures on grey cast iron, steel and alloyed steels. All of the conceivable advantages in terms of the machine-friendliness, long lifespans and lower use concentration of the synthesis products come together in Tecool-100.

Tecool-100 is used in many machine types, such as NC, CNC etc. and for many cutting procedures.

Your advantage / your benefits

  • Versatile usable
  • With EP additives
  • Very highly concentrated
  • Saves on unwanted waste disposal costs
  • Reduces the number of products
  • Improves the surface quality

How to use

Mix in the mains water, not the other way around!
3 %-8%
depending on the difficulty of the cutting, the toughness/hardness of the material and the water hardness.
The concentration can be determined with the hand-held refractometer (item no.: 13417). The read value multiplied with a factor of 1 results in the concentration of Tecool-100.


Please consult our technical service for information about care and to therefore extend the lifespan of your cooling lubricants.

Available in the following packaging

4302 Canister of 30 liters or 60 liters
Barrel of 205 liters