Compact, high-performance flushing and decalcification unit

The exclusive use of high-quality materials ensures that the EKN-30 is one of the most compact and highest-performance flushing and decalcification units available.

The housing, the 3-way valves and the connection are made entirely of stainless steel.

The interior of the EKN-30 houses a Teflon® double diaphragm pump that is operated with compressed air. Its flow rate can be adapted with an integrated pressure reducer.

It is not necessary to reconnect the connections during operation because it is possible to toggle from flow to return flow while the unit is running.

The design of the EKN-30 enables compact, portable and effective flushing, rust removal, decalcification and cleaning of plastic injection moulds, plastic injection moulding machines, oil coolers, temperature control units, heat exchangers, cooling systems, floor heatings, etc.

The EKN-30 can also be used for pressure tests, purging and the application of anti-corrosive agents.

By using the EKN-30, you will boost productivity, process reliability and your profit.

Clean systems with lime-free and rust-free lines improve the heat transmission coefficient and thereby increase cooling efficiency.

Low maintenance requirements reduce the strain on the tool shop, etc.

Your advantage / your benefits

  • greater profits
  • faster production
  • easy to use
  • compact
  • portable
  • effective

How to use

Connect the device that is to be treated as per the operating manual and then flush, derust or protect against corrosion with the respective cleaning medium.

Technical data

Dimensions 430 x 305 x 310 mm (W x H x D)
Weight approx. 18 kg
Delivery volume max. 25 l/min
Delivery pressure max. 8 bar
Device connection plug connector for hose Ø 10 mm (external) individually customisable
Suction lift dry (mH2O) 2
Suction lift filled (mH2O) 9

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