Skin care cream
silicone free

Manocare supports the natural skin feel, the moisture of the skin and the grip are not changed.

Due to its special raw material selection it is absorbed into the skin quickly without disturbing the skin functions. Our long-standing experience shows that even after long term use no allergies or sensitivity occur.

Manocare is used to care for the skin subsequent to its straining through washing agents, detergents, oils, greases, solvents, dust, soot, cement, lubricants, acids, lyes, cutting and other processing oils.

Manocare is an important part of the health precautions at the workplace.

Your advantage / your benefits

  • Silicone-free
  • Very pleasant on the skin
  • Preventative
  • Improves safety
  • Reduces expensive downtimes
  • Better working conditions

How to use

Clean your skin/hands with e. g. Manoclean, for instance. Afterwards, apply, distribute and rub in a hazelnut sized portion of Manocare.
Repeat after approx. 4 hours in the event of the heavy exposure of the skin.

Please note:

Manocare is toxicologically evaluated with No. 99 05 0497 pursuant to the 25th regulation concerning the cosmetics regulation of 23.12.1996.
Manocare does not replace the legally prescribed use of protective gloves.

Available in the following packaging

12227 1 liter soft-bottle, suitably for dispenser
12301 150 g dispenser