Liquid corrosion protection concentrate for closed water circulation systems without evaporation losses
amine, heavy metal, nitrite, phosphate and petroleum-free

Safely and reliably protects via an active protective film. Existing corrosion products are actively infiltrated and separated. Has a germ-preventing effect on micro organisms.
Hydrotec-I aminfrei does not degrade on its own, has exceptional long term stability.

Hydrotec-I aminfrei is used in cooling circuits and heating circuits (up to 90°C), in power water and in aqueous hydraulic fluids.

Your advantage / your benefits

  • Very stable over the long term
  • highly concentrated
  • Amine-free
  • Improves the systems utilisation
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Improves safety

How to use:

1% of the system volume
The concentration can be determined with the hand-held refractometer (item no.: 13417). The read value multiplied with a factor of 1,8 results in the conentration of Hydrotec-I aminfrei.

Only use in pH zones that are over pH 7.

Please note

With flow meters which are made from polycarbonate or polystyrene, internal stresses can be released which can lead to cracks.

Please consult our technical service to find the right product for your system.

Available in the following packaging

6114 Canister of 30 liters or 60 liters
Barrel of 210 liters