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This is the right place for you if you attach importance to long lasting durability and high levels of component performance. And, of course, when you can no longer take the so-called ‘Monday morning smell’.

  • ISOTEC-68 – CLP-Bed track oil
  • ISOTEC-220 – CLP-Bed track oil
  • ISOTEC-VG 10 – HLP-Hydraulic oil
  • ISOTEC-VG 46 – HLP-Hydraulic oil
  • TECOOL – Completely synthetic grinding coolant
  • TECOOL-100 – Partly synthetic cooling lubricant for wide-ranging use
  • TECOOL-100 DMC 70 V – Amine-free EP cooling lubricant concentrate, specially designed for high pressure pumps
  • TECOOL-200 – Amine-free EP cooling lubricant concentrate for wide-ranging use
  • TECOOL-300 – High-performance EP cooling lubricant concentrate
  • TECOOL-400 – EP cooling lubricant concentrate for wide-ranging use, especially suited to aluminium and its alloys
  • TECOOL-CLEAN – System cleaning concentrate for machines and systems
  • TECOOL-K – Preserving concentrate for cooling lubricants
  • TECOOL-MS 455 – Completely synthetic grinding coolant concentrate
  • TECOOL-SC – Completely synthetic grinding coolant