Cold degreaser
free of aromatic compounds, odourless

Dirt, dust, lubricants, forming oil and forming greases are reliably removed. Does not corrode any metals, plastics, paints, glass, ceramics, or rubbers.

Tecusol-KPW can be put in for material recycling via a junk goods return contract which corresponds with the guidelines of the waste management law.

Tecusol-KPW is practically non-evapourating, with a vapour pressure at 20°C of under 0.1 mbar.

Tecusol-KPW is used for the cleaning of tools and small components, for the final cleaning of systems, equipment and machines, prior to assembly and disassembly in machine-, systems- and device- construction, and in engine building and maintenance.

Tecusol-KPW does not contribute to the overall emissions according to the VOC.

Your advantage / your benefits

  • odourless
  • Vapour pressure lower than 0.1 mbar
  • Intensive effect
  • No VOC
  • Reduces emissions of pollutants according to the VOC regulations.
  • Reduces the amount of waste because it is regenerative
  • Omits expensive ventilation systems

How to use

Ready to use, by spraying, wiping, brushing or immersion.

Available in the following packaging:

Art.-Nr. Information
2315 Canister of 30 liters or 60 liters
Barrel of 200 liters