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In this section, everything revolves around degreasing and phosphate coating. But you’ll also find paint removers and mould cleaners here as well.

  • COLORTEC-ES 2 – Cold paint stripper for immersion process
  • FERROLAN-P – Degreases, de-rusts and provides a phosphate coating in one application
  • FERROLAN-P 1 – Degreases, de-rusts, provides a phosphate coating and primes in one application
  • FERROLAN-S – Cleans, degreases and provides a phosphate coating in industrial washing machines
  • FOMEX-R – Defoamer concentrate
  • TECUFORM – Mould cleaner for plastics processing work
  • TECULAN-100 – Universal cleaning concentrate for industrial washing machines; neutral
  • TECULAN-200 – Special cleaning concentrate for industrial washing machines; alkaline
  • TECULAN-S – “Liquid sandpaper”
  • TECUSOL-8 – Cold degreaser, rapidly-evaporating, odourless
  • TECUSOL-30 – Cold degreaser, evaporates at a medium pace, odourless
  • TECUSOL-75 – Cold degreaser, slow-evaporating, odourless
  • TECUSOL-HT – Cold degreaser, rapidly-evaporating
  • TECUSOL-KPW – Cold degreaser; reduces emissions of pollutants according to the VOC regulations, odourless
  • TECUSOL-S – Cold degreaser, rapidly-evaporating, odourless
  • TEFLUX-2 – cold degreaser, very rapidly evaporating, odourless