Liquid, solid-material free flocculant

Hydrotec safely flocculates solid materials from aqueous systems. The behaviour of the agglomerate corresponds with the thickness of the flocculated solid materials. The removal of the agglomerates can be completed by hand simply through skimming off or through using the corresponding discharge equipment.

Hydrotec is used in waste water systems, recirculation systems such as spraying systems for instance, and subsequent to cooling water circulation cleaning, etc.


  • 1 l/m³ water content
  • Add at a point of the system that offers good water movement.
  • For the exact determination of the amount of make-up water, the installation of a water meter in the supply line is a good idea.
  • Please consult our technical service to find the right product for your system.

Available in the following packaging

6212 Canister of 30 liters or 60 liters
Barrel of 210 liters