Special concentrate for industrial cleaning purposes
water soluble, pH-neutral, demulsifying, solvent-free, extremely effective

Satisfies the B 5105 ECO NORM – separation test.

Modern effective tensides remove grease, oil, soot and nicotine stains, as well as resinified grease and oil residues.

TC-200 is used to clean metal processing machines, machine components, devices, vehicles, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics and painted surfaces.

TC-200 is used in machine and systems construction, and in the metal, plastics, wood, rubber and textiles processing industry.

Biodegradable according to OECD guidelines.

Listed by the “Straßen NRW” organisation

Your advantage / your benefits

  • Highly concentrated
  • Multi-purpose
  • Non-hazardous working material
  • Demulsifying
  • A cleaner for all uses
  • Takes effect quickly
  • Extremely economical in a ready-to-use solution

How to use

Diluted with water up to 1:100 by spraying, wiping or immersion. When used as a guide post cleaner, dilutable up to 1: 2000 with water.

Examples of use

Available in the following packaging

Art.-Nr. Information
1103 Canister of 30 liters or 60 liters
Barrel of 210 liters