Cold degreaser
free of aromatic compounds, odourless

Reliable removal of grease, dust, dirt, lubricants, forming oil and forming grease. Does not corrode any metals, plastics, paints, glass, ceramics, or rubbers.

Tecusol-8 evaporates rapidly, with an evaporation number of approx. 8 and is not a recycled product.

Tecusol-8 is used for the cleaning of tools and small components, for the final cleaning of systems, equipment and machines, prior to assembly and disassembly in machine-, systems- and device- construction, and in engine building and maintenance.

Your advantage / your benefits

  • Takes effect quickly
  • Evaporates quickly
  • Odourless
  • improves effectiveness
  • Reduces the amount of waste
  • Cuts out long waiting times

How to use

Ready to use, by spraying or wiping

Available in the following packaging

Art.-Nr. Information
2320 Canister of 30 liters or 60 liters
Barrel of 200 liters