Concentrated hand-cleaner
free from alkaline soap and formaldehyde

Thanks to the high proportion of skin-friendly substances in Manoclean-A not only are hands washed thoroughly, but also very gently.
The balanced pH value supports the natural functioning of skin on the hands.
The hint of “green apple” perfume leaves a pleasant freshness.

Your advantage / your benefits

  • alkali-free
  • especially skin friendly
  • very highly concentrated
  • thorough
  • reduces skin diseases
  • good value

How to use

Dampen hands and areas of skin to be cleaned with water and then apply, distribute and vigourously rub in a small amount of Manoclean-A.
Subsequently rinse thoroughly with undiluted water.
After cleaning, the skin function can be improved through the use of Manocare.

Available in the following packaging

12308 2 liter soft-bottle, suitably for dispenser