Petroleum lubricant with extremely high pressure and long-term attributes
free of solid lubricants

Highly pure, oxidation-resistant raw materials, EP-additives and special adhesives make sure that the lubrication film remains closed and doesn’t tear open even under conditions of extreme pressure. The extremely high walk stability of the lubricant carriers facilitates considerably extended lubrication intervals. Corrosion additives also prevent corrosion under extreme conditions.

Variotec is used in machine construction, systems construction, vehicles construction, in construction machines with the highest lubrication requirements in roller bearings, friction bearings, ball bearings and compression bearings, on sliding surfaces such as pressure spindles, punching stamps, ejector pins, threaded spindles and bearing carriers.

Your advantage / your benefits

  • Very stable over the long term
  • Free of solids
  • Highly pressure resistant
  • Allows for clearly longer lubrication intervals
  • Increases machine operating times
  • Saves on unwanted costs
  • Does not have a dripping point

Technical data

Type KP 2 N-10 pursuant to DIN 51 502 and DIN 51825
NLGI-class 2
Thickener Betonit
Dripping point Non-dripping
Peak temperature +200°C
Temperature resistance -15° C up to +150°C
Cone penetration 265-295

Available in the following packaging

3112 DIN grease bucket of 25 kg or 50 kg
DIN grease barrel of 180 kg
12205 150 g dispenser
12204 400 g euro cartridge